At Professional Equities, it's our people and our
passion for mutual success that set us apart.

Whether you live in one of our apartment homes or team with us on a real estate venture, you'll see "A Passion for Partnering" at Professional Equities, Inc. (PEI)

PEI is a diversified real estate management, partnership and development company that since 1969 has

  • created one of the largest apartment management portfolios in metro St. Louis - 11 communities and 1,400+ units
  • developed new properties, for sale or for rent, from the ground up
  • transitioned underutilized buildings to a higher economic use
  • stabilized distressed properties and restored them to profitable use
  • re-positioned and then quickly monetized stagnant properties.

  • "Voted Property Management Company of the Year by St. Louis Apartment Association"