Looking to Invest in Real Estate?

Would you like to participate in a real estate venture with income-producing and long-term capital appreciation potential? Professional Equities is continuously investigating opportunities that meet its time-tested investment criteria. Be it asset acquisition or new development, residential or commercial, PEI has a documented record of success.

Professional Equities has formed 13 limited partnerships in its history,
serving as general partner and property manager for each.

Ten of the partnerships - invested in either multi-family or self-storage warehouse properties - remain active, including the very first limited partnership we organized in 1969 around a 44-unit apartment complex.

As of Dec. 31, 2008, the average annual cash and amortization benefit on the active partnerships stands at 24%.

While past performance is no guarantee of future results,
the three closed limited
partnerships posted these concluding outcomes.

  • When sold in 1996, an investment in a warehouse
    produced an annual cash and amortization benefit of 214%.
  • When sold in 2000, an investment in a medical
    office building produced an annual cash and amortization yield of nearly 19%.
  • When sold in 2004, an investment in a multi-family
    property produced an annual return of more than 64%.

  • To learn more, contact Gregory L. Rives, Chief Executive Officer at pei@proequity.com or (636) 519-7255 ext. 202.